Déborah Deschryver Energy Therapist Etterbeek

Thérapeute Energétique Coach Etterbeek

Therapist, expert in parental burnout and coach, I receive children from an early age, adolescents and adults individually, as a couple or as a family in Etterbeek and Uccle. Energy Therapist, English-speaking reflexologist in Etterbeek

Having several specializations and training, I also built my area of expertise thanks to my experience in a mental health institution as well as in the field of helping young people and their families. Energy Therapist in Etterbeek, Multilingual reflexologist Etterbeek

Here is my philosophy of my support. Imagine yourself captain of your boat. You decide on the journey we will take together as well as the destination. However, I can be your map that guides the sea route, the eyes of the seafarer who announces the iceberg, the wind that suggests you go to port or starboard or even the waves that rock the boat. But you will remain the captain who holds this rudder.

Thanks to my multipotential course, I offer you a rhythmic follow-up with significant results thanks to effective techniques. My approach is recommended if you are looking for answers. You may have a very good knowledge of yourself, your story, a good critical or analytical mind. You have been in therapy before or are currently in therapy. However, you lack that « little something », that click … Perhaps questions remain, a feeling of incomplete. Energy Therapist Etterbeek, Reflexology therapist Etterbeek

I work on the structural, emotional, biochemical and energetic fields. Energy Therapist Etterbeek, Reflexology therapist Etterbeek

My main objective is to put your full potential back at the center of your care. Let’s say ; to have access to your choices, to be able to decide what is right for you, to put them into action and thereby put you back in motion. To be able to move away from “known, experienced” in order to aim for personal well-being as well as in your personal, relational, family, couple or even parent dynamics.

The tone of my care is inspired by integrative therapy, brief therapy, psycho-educational orientation, as well as modern approaches, such as MBSR (mindfulness), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), kinesiology and psychosomato-emotional therapy.

With regard to couple and family therapies, to my professional personality is added the systemic orientation. These sessions are accompanied by one of my co-therapists.

I receive you in French, English and Dutch online and in person.

Déborah Deschryver Thérapeute Energétique Coach Etterbeek

Coach Etterbeek

Energy Therapist Etterbeek

Energy Therapist Etterbeek, Coach Etterbeek
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